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[sticky post] Icon resources

Credit for my icon resources go to the following:

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My current River/Eleven mood themes were made by tryingtorevive :)
*gasps* Oh look, I made words again.


*is poked with a stick*

What even is happening?

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Icons #16—a bunch of 34

Oh look, here are some icons again! I figured I would finally go through with my thing of doing all the classic Doctors :) So here you have a bit of everyone: Six, Seven and Eight, Peri, Mel, Ace and Grace—the stranger at the end, India Fisher, plays the lovely Charley Pollard in Big Finish audios.

Enjoy, and snag if you wish :)

Love !

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Icons #15—a bunch of 57

Ahum, hi? So basically I've had a bunch of icons lying around for months that I'd never gotten around to finishing, so I tweaked them a bit lately and here you go. ^_^ Most of these are from the Five era, with a few of late!Four (the Adric days, with Romana and Ainley!Master), a few from Husbands of River Song and a few of the delicious Bedelia du Maurier from Hannibal.

Love to everyone! *waves*

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Icons #13—a batch of 31

*falls off my chair*

I KNOW. I haven't made icons in forever and some of those have been sitting forlornly on the back of my computer for weeks months probably, actually. But tonight I wanted to do a thing, so there you go—icons, and a bit more motivation to be working on the vid again in the future, maybe. (Mind you, the thing I should be focusing on is work but anyway…)

Half on the Three era (Four and Five will follow sometime in the far-off future if I can gather the motivation), half random new!Who, mostly a ton of River. Oh, and the first three are because I once entertained the thought of doing a "one episode, one icon" thing. That did not last long XD

Enjoy! (And forgive the occasional flaw.)

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To everyone who was asking

Okay, safe, nowhere near Paris and the attacks. Utterly shocked. o.O


Just popping by to let y'all know that my novel's paperback version is now available :)

Of course it's in French, so only French speakers will be interested but you never know. ^_^

Love y'all! ♥
So BF is AMAZING ♥ As I already knew from the one adventure I'd heard before. But yes, it fully lives up to expectations.

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Classic!Who s9—The Mutants

The Mutants!

That was a nice ep, and one that, again, dealt with a colony and humans being entirely dreadful to the native population. The villain was, once more, perfectly hatable. The Time Lords sent the Doctor and Jo about to do their bidding. Why they wanted to help the local population when they pointedly usually don't get involved in the politics of other planets, you ask? I do not know, but it made for a nice adventure. The characters were nice, with Ky the native, and the two guards who rebelled and helped the Doctor and Jo instead, one of which died, aw.

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Icons #12—a batch of 18

Look, there be icons! I know it took forever but at least I got to that Second Doctor post EVENTUALLY. Here they are: Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe and the Brig. Snag if you like and credit flowsoffire or eyes_afire pretty please, let me know if you like/which you like best, etc. They are nothing much but I had fun making them. Now I can move on to Three, though it should be slow as always.

18 usual icons, 18 b&w alternates because old!Who is a thing :)

1 2 16 4 1-4

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