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Icons #12—a batch of 18

Look, there be icons! I know it took forever but at least I got to that Second Doctor post EVENTUALLY. Here they are: Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe and the Brig. Snag if you like and credit flowsoffire or eyes_afire pretty please, let me know if you like/which you like best, etc. They are nothing much but I had fun making them. Now I can move on to Three, though it should be slow as always.

18 usual icons, 18 b&w alternates because old!Who is a thing :)

1 2 16 4 1-4

6 3 bis 5 13 5-8

17 blur 18 7 8 9-12

9 10 14 11 13-16

12 15 17-18

And b&w:

1 b&w 2 b&w 16 b&w 4 b&w 1-4

6 b&w 3 b&w 5 b&w 13 b&w 5-8

17 b&w 18 b&w 7 b&w 8 b&w 9-12

9 b&w 10 b&w 14 b&w 11 b&w 13-16

12 b&w 15 b&w17-18
Tags: at long last, batch #12, classic!who, i make icons now icons are cool, second doctor

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