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Classic!Who s9—The Mutants

The Mutants!

That was a nice ep, and one that, again, dealt with a colony and humans being entirely dreadful to the native population. The villain was, once more, perfectly hatable. The Time Lords sent the Doctor and Jo about to do their bidding. Why they wanted to help the local population when they pointedly usually don't get involved in the politics of other planets, you ask? I do not know, but it made for a nice adventure. The characters were nice, with Ky the native, and the two guards who rebelled and helped the Doctor and Jo instead, one of which died, aw.

The whole thing about the mutation the local people underwent, that was supposed to be perfectly okay and natural in the end, but that went very much wrong due to the influence of the humans' actions, was a pretty interesting bit. Of course most of everyone would automatically assume those big insect-y creatures were monsters and not a normal stage of evolution. Except they were the latter. The character of the professor who studied that was good too. But the ending cracked me up—after being insect-y creatures, the natives' end states was some kind of technicolor rainbow angel with superpowers, it was just hilarious. Talk about the butterfly coming out of its chrysalis ;)

That will be all, I didn't have many thoughts or many notes on this one. It was nice though, there were just not that many points that noticeably stood out.

Oh yes, there was one! Everyone is obsessed about food in this show. The beginning was Jo whining to the Doctor that they were late for lunch. XD Well, what with the whole adventure, lunch got postponed awfully. Poor darling.

Tiny quotes:

Three: "Genocide is a side-effect? You ought to write a paper on that, Professor."

Three: "The slightest accident in this stage of the proceedings and we'd all reverse instantly into antimatter. […] We'll all become unpeople undoing unthings untogether. Fascinating."

Investigator: "You are a Doctor, I take it?"
Three: "I am, yes."
Investigator: "Qualified in?"
Three: "Practically everything."
Investigator: "Ah."
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